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Welcome to the Catenary King website where you will find details of all our products and services in this specialist rail industry. Our Company has one goal and that is to assist our clients and customers with the highest of service support and information. Knowledge is power and we are more than happy to share ours. If you have any questions on any of the details on this site just email us and we will contact you


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The V Watch Detector unit is designed to detect proximity of high voltage cables and structures. The system gives out three tones which identify to the user just how close they are to live equipment. The first audible warning is a slow intermittent beep, this activates approximately 9ft from the live conductors. The second is a quick intermittent beep which tells the wearer that they are entering an unsafe proximity, this will normally trigger at 6ft. The last of the audible warnings is a permanent tone which tells the wearer they are in a danger zone and should not proceed any nearer.

These audible warnings are also accompanied by bright yellow flashing lights on the front of the device. This is to ensure that even in a noisy environment the device can still be noticed.

Catenary King is proud to announce it will be starting its home learning course on the 1st of August. We have listened to all the requests from our readers and clients to provide a portal where everyone can learn and develop their knowledge of rail catenary systems. The home learning courses which have been put together by some industry experts from three different countries is the first of its kind and allows people to increase their underpinning knowledge in their own time and at their own speed.

The course content is based on generic principals of electrification systems both mechanical and electrical. The courses are designed for all levels of learning, from someone who knows nothing of catenary systems to those who have many years experience. Even the experienced people sometimes have weaknesses in knowledge. Not because they are have failings, but often because they haven’t had exposure to certain elements.




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Stagger Gauge which packs away in neat and easy to carry box ?


The new gauge designed in New Zealand

Industry Update


  The Rail Electrification and Catenary industry is growing at an unprecedented rate within the global rail sector. Governments are investing huge sums of money in infrastructure in an effort to combat the environmental impact of global warming and to make our towns and cities greener as a result.

This has placed great demand on the electrification supply chain, with shortages of skilled, well trained qualified staff. Whilst the drive to innovate and continually improve on new systems is certainly welcomed and appreciated within the industry, a lack of knowledge transfer and training has created a void within the resource.

The UK, U.S. and Australian governments have already committed to billion dollar electrification investment strategies, forging a clearly greener path, and whetting the appetite of the international market. We anticipate global demand for Catenary products and services will increase significantly over the next 5 to 10 years, and our vision is to support that demand through our global network of highly committed, customer oriented rail partners.


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